I Wanted to Build Something That Made a Difference… So I Did

by | Dec 17, 2017


Earlier this year I decided to build something special. Something that was the culmination of my online business experience which dates back to the 1990s.


I wanted to help people build a business by taking their own lifetime of experience and plugging it into a system that, at the very least, would generate a part-time income for them starting out. I wanted to take a realistic approach…


It had to be complete, but not overwhelming.


It had to be practical, but not overly basic or simplistic.


It had to be structured in such a way that people could focus the aspects that specifically pertained to them without getting locked into a huge time investment.


It had to be better than the solutions already out there.


It had to be affordable, giving everyone a chance to turn the page at this juncture in life and start a new chapter as we close out 2017.


It had to have a way for people to get their questions answered if they got stuck.



So I built it. It’s here – https://www.onlinementormembers.com/



Here’s feed from a few members who just got started:


Just finished the intro and big picture. WOW! Seems like “just what I wanted” and have been searching for, for years. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the other video and info.”

-Tom Caldwell



I hope to see you there – https://www.onlinementormembers.com/




Questions or Problems? Contact me directly.