About Jimmy

Me with then 98-year old Futurist, Jacques Fresco

Hi, I’m Jimmy Krug. I help entrepreneurs get “unstuck” online so they can enjoy more time, freedom and progress.

I’ve been in business online for 20+ years now. During that time I’ve learned what it takes to run the type of business that doesn’t suck the life out of you. I’m not too proud to admit – I made a lot of mistakes. Most of the problems I faced were because I spread my time, resources and energy out in too many directions at once trying to figure things out. It’s the same problem I see people making today




As time passed I discovered different systems that, once in place, saved me a lot of time and energy. I also learned there wasn’t a one-size fits-all strategy that could be applied to my client’s businesses across-the-board. This is one of the primary reasons so many entrepreneurs struggle and fail. Too many people follow outdated business models. As a consultant, I realized that each of my clients were uniquely equipped to implement certain strategies and did well to stay away from others.


Success for them became a matter of connecting them with the methods that were a good fit their individual strengths. It’s very similar to the way a boxing trainer helps their fighter hone their skill set to compete on a world-class level.

Professional Bio

I started self-publishing “How-To” instructional booklets in 1996. I had the same, basic challenges then as most people do now. In 1999, I took a leap of faith and moved my entire offline publishing business online. At the same time, I was growing a local web development and consulting business, helping entrepreneurs develop a more effective online presence.

A Brief History:

  • Launched my first online publishing business in 1998
  • Launched Email Marketing System (Used by Mark Sanford for his 2002 gubernatorial campaign and Senator Chip Campsen’s run for the senate.
  • Launched my first website development and webhosting business 2002
  • Launched my national media publicity service 2008
  • Launched two online magazines 2009
  • Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal 2010
  • Interviewed by CBS News (for the first time) 2012
  • Launched my consulting business to compliment my web development and publicity service 2013
  • Launched a social media dashboard service 2016
  • TV Interview – 2016

Ready to make something good happen?