What’s Really Holding You Back?

by | Oct 6, 2017


Did you ever want to accomplish something, but it just doesn’t seem to get done?


Other people just seem to pass you by?


Back in my college days, I had an instructor who taught me how to do what the previous teachers were unable to. So… let’s see, that’s twelve years of school… then college. That’s what it took for me to finally understand anything beyond very basic math.


After that, an accountant friend helped me understand basic accounting principles.


And just like that, it was like I was a different person.


When it comes to your online business, maybe you’re having a similar experience? You hear what people are telling you… but for some reason, you’re just not getting it.


It’s like you’re mentally frozen.


I’ve been there.


Maybe you think you can’t succeed with just the basics? Actually, you absolutely can!


If you’re like me, you’ll never be happy with MORE moving parts type of approach. You’re a less moving parts type of person. In fact, and I may be reaching here, but… could that be what’s holding you back? In other words, others have come along with the advice to add more, not less?


You add more social media accounts or platforms to your mix.


You add more products. More services. More content.


You put more effort out there but you’re really getting less in return. Less in spite of your increased efforts.




Maybe you need to fix the foundation that everything is resting upon?


Let me explain.


For many years my enthusiasm eclipsed by ability. I wanted to do more, but I wound up with less.


I learned many things, but was only able to apply a fraction of what I learned. It left me frustrated because I felt like a boat stuck in the harbor.


If you feel that way, let me help you with a few simple guidelines to consider.


Why not scale back your focus? In other words, focus on doing less… but doing it better. Doing it on a deeper level. How about keeping up with one social media profile instead of several? Focusing on one or two topics to share on that channel, but really digging deeper and sharing things that make a difference to the reader.


Most in your niche probably already knows the basic “how-to’s.”


If they don’t, there’s a lot of competition out there teaching the basics.


What about focusing on the XYZ’s of a topic instead of the ABC’s? Why not address the real problems and offer your personal solution?


What do you think?


Are their problems in your industry? Are there just a few, or many?


Do you have a few basic solutions to offer?


If you haven’t, why? I’d love to hear your thoughts.