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Program: Mentoring (via email)   |   Schedule: Tuesdays-Fridays   |   Duration: 4-Weeks

Let Me Help You Get Unstuck!

Are struggling, trying to create something big or bigger in your business?
Maybe you basically know what to do, but are stuck implementing it?


You need help.


Or maybe you don’t know what to do, or what steps to take to achieve what you’re trying to do and you need someone to help you?


And maybe you’ve looked at hiring a coach or a mentor…
But when you’ve seen what gurus charge to help you set things up . . .
$3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000, it’s completely out of reach for you.


Perhaps you have a big project you want to do . . . or a big site you want to launch.
Maybe you’re trying to launch a little site or you just need to finish that squeeze page, create the giveaway or create your first product?


The problem is – you’re stuck.


And let’s face it, buying product after product telling you again and again to do the same things you’ve already tried, hasn’t worked for you.


I get it.


It’s not easy to get an online business up and running like this.
So let me ask you, how would it feel to work with me personally for a month?


I’ll encourage you…
Tell you what to do…
Create a video showing you the process if necessary…


I show you what software you’ll need, if necessary… and even let you use my own if it helps.


Whatever you need.


I want to make this easy for you to say, “YES!”


You’ll invest just $200 for an entire month email mentoring/coaching (Tuesdays through Fridays).


Click on the Buy Button below to get started. After your payment has been received, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll fill out a brief form so I can understand your situation and what you need help with.


I hope to see you on the other side!

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I’ll help you figure out how to connect with your existing market or find a new one.


Stop struggling to get the tech in place. I’ll help you find the easiest solution for your business.


We’ll create a strategy that’s a good fit for your personality type. Stop wondering “what to do next?”

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Jimmy Krug helped me launch an effective website presence in a very short period of time. Having been in business for many years, I can tell you – there are very few people like him who are fast, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Lori Frary, Sarasota, FL.

Artist / Interior Consultant

Jimmy’s knowledge is obvious, however, what truly sets him apart is the personal interest he has taken in helping me change my career, and life. I never could have done this without his help and guidance.

R. Audey

Entrepreneur, Rugglebox Solutions

Jimmy has taken me from clueless to clued in. I finally understand what I need to do to move from concept through development to delivery of an online business and have done this in under 3 months of coaching with Jimmy.

Orla Kelly

Writer / Consultant, Orla Kelly Books

I have never worked with anyone who was more knowledgeable, generous, and helpful than Jimmy Krug. Jimmy gives his students all he has–and that is a hell of a lot.

If you need help with your online business, Jimmy Krug is your man.

Jeff Trewhella

Catalog Copywriter

Stop Trying to Figure Everything Out Yourself. Let Me Help You...